Teachers, connect your students with leaders of successful, growing businesses to help them prepare for the jobs and growth sectors that will be relevant when they leave education.

Unleash the power of the business
community into your classroom now:

What does Founders4Schools offer schools and colleges?

Founders4schools is a free service for UK state maintained and private primary, secondary schools and sixth form colleges that provide you with a quick (5 mins!) and simple way to increase the employability of your students by facilitating encounters with employers.


Students aged 8-19 benefit from:

  • presentations from real-life role models who can demonstrate the relevance and connection of what is taught in classroom with careers - because they are creating the jobs right now!
  • the opportunity to consider business as a viable career choice
  • gaining an understanding of what jobs created actually entail

Hear from students about their experience of attending a founder event

Hanna Wright's picture

This was an incredibly inspiring event for my students, and as a busy teacher I was amazed at how simple the entire process was from booking, to online advice to planning and running the event.

Hannah Wright, Lecturer Business IT, Central Sussex College Crawley

We used the Founders4Schools service to bring local business leaders into the school to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week. We had five days of inspiring talks with quality advice and clear messages to work hard at school, aim high, earn a living by doing something you love and be resilient as life can be hard. All these are key messages we want to promote, now backed up by real-life experiences from the speakers.

Paul Butterworth, Assistant Headteacher, West Hill School
Hanna Wright's picture
Hanna Wright's picture

We had a really good turnout of excellent speakers from Founders4Schools. The students who listened to the business leaders speaking were blown away by what they had to say. Especially key themes around persistence and following your dreams made a huge difference to our students and helps them determine what they want to do in the future.