Founders4Schools connects teachers with entrepreneurs and founders of growing, successful businesses. It is a free programme for teachers in the UK.

The brief for speakers is simple… “inspire them”.


School leaders, educators and teachers know how important entrepreneurship is as a career, but are often unsure how to access the leading entrepreneurs in the world.

At high-impact events young students hear real-world examples of how entrepreneurship makes a significant impact. Students also make a critical link to how learning STEM directly relates to growing and scaling successful enterprises.

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Entrepreneurs are one of today’s important role models, bringing students a unique perspective from a career choice that makes a positive impact on communities, employment, the economy and society.

When business founders speak about their entrepreneurial journey students have a more diverse and creative view of how problems can be solved.

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  • “The event was a very successful one. It inspired the students so it obviously made quite an impact!”
    Tricia Kelleher, Head Teacher, Stephen Perse Foundation
  • “Thank you again for last Thursday's presentations. The more I think about it the more useful, inspirational and practical I think it was - it has really helped us to clarify some strategies we want to put in place with our sixth form.”
    Lisa Kritz, Head of Faculty, Copthall School
  • “From our perspective, this was a great opportunity to link to the course, and I was really pleased as a teacher that so many things they study came up within the talk. I was quite happy to steer a few conversations into more specific things, and I'll be using it as a reference in my teaching, certainly.”
    Nicholas Hazell, Teacher of Business Studies (6th form), London Oratory School
  • “Speaking to students afterwards they were struck by how well [the founders] spoke but also how much they had achieved – they made entrepreneurialism and a job in the High Tech industries seem achievable for all in the room, made students think about career routes that they hadn't previously thought about. They made a really effective connection.”
    Lisa Thefaut, Enterprise Co-ordinator