Founders4Schools was founded in 2011 by Sherry Coutu CBE. She and the leadership team are supported by a board of Advisers and Trustees drawn from the worlds of technology and education.

  • sherry.jpg

    Sherry Coutu

    CBE, Founder, CEO

    Sherry serves as a chairman and CEO and has a background in technology as a CEO and a angel investor.

  • Jason_Elsom.png

    Jason Elsom

    Chief Operating Officer

    Jason Elsom is Founders4Schools' Chief Operating Officer. Early Tech Sector CEO, Educational Leader and Board Member.

  • Cecilie_Memhave.jpg

    Cecilie Memhave

    Director of Special Projects

    Cecilie is our Director of Special Projects. She has a background in Marketing, International Business and Technology in both private, agency and non-profits in both Denmark, Australia and the UK.

  • Andrew_Miller.jpg

    Andrew Miller

    Head of Engineering

    Andrew is our Head of Engineering and leads our development team across Founders4Schools and Workfinder. He started his career at Ocado Technology before joining Founders4Schools in 2015. His background ranges from designing and building web projects to automating infrastructure.

  • Morag_Pavich.png

    Morag Pavich

    Head of Community Engagement for the West of Scotland

    Morag Pavich is the Head of Community Engagement for the West of Scotland. She has a background in stakeholder relations and communications across corporate, entrepreneurial and philanthropic sectors.

  • Rosalind_Stuart.JPG

    Rosalind Stuart

    Head of Community Engagement for the East of Scotland

    Rosalind Stuart is Head of Community Engagement for the East of Scotland. She has a background in secondary education, careers guidance and pastoral care.

  • Teck Kua Profile.jpg

    Teck Kua

    Financial Director

    Teck is a professional senior leader with over 25 years of management experience (in both the public and private sectors) and a proven track record in improving the financial position of the organisations.


Founders4Schools has the support of many stakeholders from the worlds of education, philanthropy, banking that support our important work.

Advisory board

Founders4Schools has an incredible network of advisors from the worlds of education and technology who help shape our future by way of strategic support and guidance.


Founders4Schools has an experienced team of staff who work full-time to maintain and enhance our platform and services - To help teachers and improve the life chances of students by giving them access to business leaders in their community.