Jobs at Founders4Schools

You are ready to be scrappy, resourceful, admit when you do not know the answer, and go and find it. You want to shake the tree, rather than look for the lowest hanging fruit.

You want to work at F4S because you realised how school was so disconnected from the real world. You believe that there is a better way to make kids excited about their future and help them enjoy and fulfilling productive lives.

You believe that schools can use technology to change what they do from the inside-out. You have exciting ideas to bring to the table to help us see things differently and do better. I look forward to working with you.

Current Openings

Below are a list of our current openings. To apply please drop an email to with your CV and a cover letter.

Fundraising Manager

Founders4Schools are delighted to announce this exciting opportunity to join their fundraising team. Responsible for implementing the fundraising strategy for the organisation, we are looking for a resourceful fundraiser to help us generate new income so we can help raise the aspirations of more children and young people across the country.

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