Inspiring students by connecting them with local business leaders

Our mission is to inspire students and prepare them for the rapidly changing world of work.

We do this by enabling teachers to invite business leaders into the classroom in just 4 minutes.

Our online platform is a free service, connecting teachers with leaders of successful growing businesses in their community. Read our 2015-16 annual review here.

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Easy for teachers

Simply search your location and we’ll show you local business leaders. Apply filters such as gender, industry or company revenue to find your perfect match. Once you’ve selected business leaders to invite simply choose your dates, sign up and leave the rest to us!

We have impact

Research shows that students who have 4 student-employer encounters are 5 times less likely to become NEET and 3 times more likely to choose a STEM subject. To date we’ve facilitated 150,063 student-employer encounters and 96% of students felt inspired by the speakers. To see where we’re having an impact, see our free Insight Reports.

Our Story

Born in 2011, Founders4Schools began as an extension of Silicon Valley Comes to the UK as a manually curated idea to bring inspiring entrepreneurs to universities and schools. The feedback from parents, teachers and students was so powerful, we decided to think about how we could use technology common in other industries to the education industry. So by 2013, spurred on by encouragement from Government, industry and the educational sector we collaborated with linkedin, edubase, duedil to create a tech platform that supercharged teachers to create student-employer encounters as easily as buying a book on Amazon.

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Further Information

The search for business leaders through our platform is a huge time saver compared to emails and phone calls to set up role models and includes that speakers are willing to travel at their own expenses.

Students also hear about real-life applications from Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Maths (STEAM) subjects, making a critical link to how learning STEAM directly relates to growing and scaling successful enterprises.