Role Model Event at Torriano Primary School

Wed 19 Oct 2016 | 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Torriano Primary School

Torriano Avenue

Tel: 02074240202

Event location

Cherry Freeman

Co-Founder & CFO
Lovecrafts Collective Limited

James Freedman

Founder & Executive Chairman
Zone Limited

A digital agency of 230+ with offices in London, Bristol, Cologne and Kiev delivering mission cri... Read more

Charlene Laidley FRSA

Charlene Laidley Communications Limited

CURRENTLY: - Founder - The FutureProof Foundation - Appointed Global Ambassador, Advisor & Ca... Read more

About the Business Leaders

These business leaders have been chosen because their companies are growing quickly. Combined they employ 123+ people.

About the teacher and students

The event was created by Rosemary O'Brien for 150 students aged 8 to 11 years old.

Event description

careers week which runs from October 17 to 21st

What kind of leader will you be?

We hope you can help raise aspiration and awareness with our students of the high impact careers they can pursue. We'd like you to demonstrate the relevance and connection of what is taught in classroom with the jobs you are creating right now. It'll be an opportunity for our students to gain an understanding of the 21st century skills and roles that are needed in today's economy.

we are particularly interested in how Gender equality works in the workplace. Is our planet really a planet 50:50
How can we ensure we bring these values into the workplace. Working in teams. How do you value those you work with.? How do we Ensure equity? Do all staff have the right to be heard. How do we avoid discrimination.