Role Model Event at Greenwood Academy

Tue 20 Sep 2016 | 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.


Greenwood Academy

Farnborough Road
B35 7NL

Tel: 01214646101

Event location

Carl Adkins

Founder -
Infinity Contact Centre Software Limited

Specialties: Using contact centre technologies and success targets to improve client profitabilit... Read more

Michaela Powell

Owner and Managing Director of Aspire People Ltd Education recruitment specialists (Midlands)
Aspire People Limited

Aspire People Limited provide staffing solutions to the Education Sector. Working tirelesley to m... Read more

Ewen Anderson

Over the last 25 years I have set up four businesses in the technology sector and have worked in a wide variety of roles in addition to that of CEO / CIO including consulting, managed services and product management. My latest business, Px3 (which stands for Planet, People and Productivity) helps organisations reduce their carbon emissions from IT and work travel.
Px3 Ltd.

I set up my latest business, Px3 (which stands for Planet, People and Productivity) to help organ... Read more

Stuart Mackintosh

Enabling digital businesses with Open Source
Xi Software Limited

I am often asked about my commitment to Open Source. It is not idealism or philosophical, it is p... Read more

About the Business Leaders

These business leaders have been chosen because their companies are growing quickly.

About the teacher and students

The event was created by Nick Cheese for 150 students aged Age 13 - 14.

Event description

Inspire our students

We hope you can help raise aspiration and awareness with our students of the high impact careers they can pursue. We'd like you to demonstrate the relevance and connection of what is taught in classroom with the jobs you are creating right now. It'll be an opportunity for our students to gain an understanding of the skills and roles that are needed in today's economy.