Invite guest speakers into your school for a practical workshop which will spark the interest of young people in a trade or business sector.

What is a Workshop Event? 

A workshop event is a hands-on practical workshop which will spark the interest of young people in a trade or business sector. A workshop event will always be held within the school environment. 

The aim is to focus pupils on engaging with real life workplace tasks to understand the demands that the world of work will place upon them, and to understand how their current skills are able to be transferred and improved upon. 

A Workshop Event is a very focused event in which young people can gain information about the skills, knowledge and qualifications required by a sector or industry. These sorts of events are skills focused and targeted in their approach. 

What is the impact of a Workshop Event? 

The practical nature of Workshop Events is really appealing for young people and a great way to engage groups in the opportunities of the world of work. This can be a great ways of engaging younger learners, as well as providing opportunities to validate the learning of senior level pupils.

Curriculum Links: Curricular Mapping in relation to the 4 Capacities of A Curriculum for Excellence

Successful Learners

A Workshop Event will encourage motivation to learn by contextualising future opportunities and, therefore, increasing the determination to achieve high standards.

Effective Contributors 

A Workshop Event will give an opportunity to demonstrate an enterprising attitude and communicate in a new context.

Responsible Citizens 

A Workshop Event will allow the learner to keep developing their understanding of their place in society and to make informed choices about their future within it.

Confident Individuals

A Workshop Event will allow a learner to test out ideas about their future path and encourage them to live as independently as possible. 

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