Case study
Blairgowrie High School

Mrs Sylvia Hathaway booked an online career event designed to raise her student's awareness of how Languages can be useful in a future career and encourage pupils to pursue languages.

The speakers were asked to explain to students how they used languages in the workplace, which helped bring the study of languages to life.

How did the event work?

Speakers joined the event in the Classroom via MSTeams. They talked about their language learning journeys and how they have used/are using languages in their work now. Two of the speakers joined from Scotland and two from London. There was then time to ask questions which the students had previously prepared, and the speakers took turns answering them according to their field of expertise.

What did the students learn?

Pupils understood that having a language can help increase job opportunities for them. It has the advantage of opening doors and enhancing the chances of travelling within your job. They reflected on the fact that one of the speakers wished that they could return to school to learn more languages and the experience of one speaker who did not learn a language at school and how he felt disadvantaged in his career as a result of this.

Pupils also learned that not all students learn languages at the same rate, but anyone can do it and that you will make your future self proud by investing time and effort into learning a language now.

As a teacher, what are your thoughts on the event?

"It was great that, through technology, we were able to link up with people from London, Edinburgh and Perth and hear how they use languages in their careers and how they have travelled and been enriched by using languages and working in international teams. F4S were very supportive in setting up the event, finding the right speakers, and helping with queries. The pupils say they gained a lot from the events and many would like to hear from other speakers in the future." - Mrs Hathaway

Career Education Standard "I Can" Statements

  • I can discuss the relevance of skills to the wider world and make connections between skills and the world of work.
  • I can explain to others my ambitions/what I would like to do and look for ways to achieve them/that.
  • I can recognise the skills I have and need for work
  • I can identify people in my network who help me broaden my horizons.

“Motivated to continue with languages”, “Makes me want to keep doing Spanish” “I learned how languages are largely used across jobs and can even help you get a job”

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