Invite inspirational and dynamic business leaders from fast-growing companies to engage with your students about their career path.

What is a Career Talk?

Local business leaders will visit your school to speak about their unique experiences. They share insights, career guidance, lessons and tips to motivate and inspire your students to make informed decisions about their future.

Similar to a TED Talk, each Business Leader speaks for 8 - 10 minutes, followed by a lively Q&A session where students are able to ask a variety of questions.

Each encounter is designed to last one hour.

Speakers will ‘tell a story’ about their career path:

Speakers are not asked to prepare slides or come with demonstrations rather, they are briefed to ‘speak from the heart' about their career choices.

  • What inspired them to choose their career path
  • Subjects they studied and how these are relevant now
  • Their failures, as well as successes
  • What their company does and why this is important
  • What they enjoy most about their career
  • Skills currently relevant in the jobs they are doing now.

What is the impact of a Career Talk?

Career Talks allow students to hear from real-life role models who can demonstrate the relevance and connection of what is taught in the classroom - because they are creating the jobs right now!

They also allow students to gain an understanding of what different careers actually entail, while bringing the curriculum to life.

The goal of Career Talks is to equip students with the inspiration and information to make better-informed decisions about their future career paths.

Department for Education (DfE) statutory guidance for career planning requires teachers to embed careers learning within their schemes of work. Career Talks can help students to contextualise their learning and bring classroom subjects to life.

Furthermore, research by the Education and Employers Taskforce highlights that four or more student-employer encounters reduce the likelihood of a student becoming NEET by 86%.

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