Methodology: Insight Reports

To identify the companies, Founders4Schools combined key financial performance indicators from DueDil with Linkedin.

Company status

  • Companies must be active and registered in the UK.
  • Women-led includes Non-executive directors.
  • Companies with less than £1 Million in revenues are excluded from the analysis.
  • Companies that were not growing were excluded from the analysis.

Sector benchmarking

Having identified the long list, the eligible companies are then separated into their Linkedin Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) grouping.

Within each SIC sector, the companies are ranked by their individual growth rate; and those that have most outperformed their sector averages are identified.

Size and age

Independent company or consolidated group revenues must be above £1m based on latest Companies House filings which were obtained via the DueDil Fintech startup.

School Status

  • School data is supplied by Edubase
  • Teacher data is derived from the requests made by teachers.

Student-Employer Encounters (SEE)

For reports on schools within Local Authorities and LEPs:

Student-employer encounters are displayed for events both in the future and in the past. For events in the past, this figure is the number of student attendees multiplied by the number of speakers that were hosted at the event. For events in the future, this figure is the number of student attended multiplied by the expected number of speakers due to be hosted at the event. Encounter numbers are counted on the date and event is happening, not when it is booked.

For reports on businesses within Local Authorities and LEPs:

Student-Employer Encounters are calculated by multiplying the number of students by the number of business leaders they encounter using the Founders4Schools platform. Encounter numbers are counted on the date and event is happening, not when it is booked.

S-E Encounters per 1000 students

Displaying the number of student-employer per thousand students gives a meaningful metric that allows for comparison between multiple local authorities, LEPs and schools.

Event type

Please see the event types organised using the Founders4Schools platform.


Quarters are defined by 3 month periods starting in January and ending in December. Therefore Q1 is January to March, Q2 is April to June, Q3 is July to September and Q4 is October to December. The last quarter is then defined as the previous 3 month period from the current date.


Data and companies listed in these pages are subject to change.

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