Founders4Schools' Whistleblowing Policy


Founders4Schools ensures that, if anyone has concerns about things that happen at Founders4Schools, there is a safe, fair and effective procedure to enable these concerns to be raised. We, therefore, have a whistleblowing policy for members of the general public, service users and members of Founders4Schools and anyone involved with Founders4Schools.

Reporting concerns

If you become aware of bad practice, we encourage you to report your concerns to our Trustee responsible for Whistleblowing (Whistleblowing Trustee), Jonathan Pearl, who is a lawyer by training.

Examples of whistleblowing can include failure to uphold professional standards, danger to health and safety, possible criminal activity, or concern that a child or vulnerable adult is being put at risk.

Founders4Schools takes very seriously any form of misconduct and wants to help people to raise concerns at an early stage and in the right way. We would rather the matter was raised when it is just a concern than wait for proof.

As long as people are acting in good faith, it does not matter if they are mistaken. Founders4Schools will not tolerate harassment or victimisation of anyone raising a genuine concern.

Founders4Schools will not tolerate anyone raising a matter they know to be untrue, in order to create trouble or cause mischief to the organisation or to a particular person or people. If this happens, Founders4Schools will take appropriate action.

If Founders4Schools is asked to protect someone’s identity we will not disclose it without their consent (unless required to do so by a court or the law).

Founders4Schools also has a complaints procedure. You can also obtain a copy of the complaints procedure from our website.

How to make contact and how concerns are dealt with

Anyone wishing to raise a concern under this policy can use any of the following methods: speak to, email or write Jonathan Pearl, the Chair of Whistleblowing. Please say if you want to raise the matter privately so that they can make appropriate arrangements.

The Whistleblowing Trustee will provide you with information about the process.

The Whistleblowing Trustee will assess what action should be taken.

The Whistleblowing Trustee will confirm a response in writing.

Founders4Schools may not be able to tell you the precise action we take if this would involve Founders4Schools breaking the confidentiality of another person.

Founders4Schools will deal with all matters raised fairly and properly.

Contact details

You can contact the Whistleblowing Trustee, Jonathan Pearl, by email:

Alternatively, you may contact Founders4Schools’s Jonathan Pearl in writing, marking the envelope Private and Confidential, care of the charity’s address above.

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