Workplace Visits

Workplace visits are a new, free service designed to boost what teachers can do to improve student aspirations, attainment and employability.

It takes just 5 minutes to set up a workplace visit event.

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Britain's Finest welcome You Inside Their Company Headquarters

There is nothing like seeing things with your own eyes. Much more impactful that the impression that is given to young people of business from programmes like ‘Dragons Den’ or ‘The Apprentice’, we help teachers connect their students to business and industry like never before. After exams are finished, what better than to explore the forces driving the economy with founders and senior leadership as your guide.
We get you backstage, connecting you with founders, thought leaders and changemakers that are all around you. Workplace visits give students the opportunity to learn first-hand about a company and modern day careers through a visit to a company to speak to the people who make it tick.


What students take away...

  • First hand experience of the workplace
  • Understanding the tangible benefits of subject choices, and having those subject choices brought to life by seeing the application of particular subjects in growing companies
  • Inspiration to follow particular career paths
  • Improved employability, as the impact of seeing high growth companies, can help to improve their subject choices and aspirations

If you would like to learn more about how seeing the workplace can inspire your students, take a couple of minutes to glimpse of what an inspiring visit to a company might look like.
Thank you to NewCo for allowing us to feature them here and for sharing your previous knowledge with us.

What teachers achieve...

  • Integrated into the curriculum
  • Support for careers advice and subject choice recommendation
  • Improved student employability

What is the ideal workplace visit?

How long?

Visits arranged over the F4S service run for 90 minutes, and start at 10am or 2pm.

Small groups

Our groups are small and have either 10 or 30 students so that we maximise the impact of the visit.

An Example Format

Welcome by one of the senior leaders of the company.
Tell your personal story (it could be the founder, senior leader, and/ or a few employees from different backgrounds in various roles).

Key questions to cover:

  • Explain roles they know they’ll need coming up, what they are for and what school subjects they relate to (5 mins)
  • What do you look for when you recruit people?
  • Short talk by one or two (entry-level) members of staff about their role.
    • Why did you choose to work in this company?
    • How did you choose to do what you do?
    • What a day in your life looks like?

We recommend leaving plenty of time (15-20 minutes) for questions - leave lots of room for discussion/exploration.

Make sure the visit involves some kind of active involvement - a demo, a tour, testing, speed-meeting with various employees.