Careers Fairs

Would you like to bring careers advice to life? Use the Founders4Schools free service, and they can become your new partner when you organise your Careers Fair.

Founders4Schools can connect with local entrepreneurs on your behalf, and ask them to attend or speak at your Careers Fairs. By engaging with growing businesses with over £1 million in turnover, you can be sure that students will be meeting the business leaders who are creating the jobs of tomorrow.

It takes just 4 minutes to set up a careers fair.

What do careers fairs offer...

Careers fairs offer the opportunity to bring business leaders on site, in order to raise the aspirations of students, and to inform them about the new jobs that are being created in the knowledge economy. At Founders4Schools we believe that it is vital that students are given the chance to find out about the jobs of tomorrow. It only takes 5 minutes with an inspirational business leader, for students to understand how their subject choices can impact their career. The business leaders can speak in school about how the subjects students take at school relate to the businesses that are driving economic growth in the UK. This helps the students to develop their understanding of the jobs market and raise their aspirations. What are you waiting for? Book a business leader for your careers event today.


What students take away...

  • Relevant, up to date inspiration from the business leaders creating the jobs of tomorrow
  • An understanding of how subject choice impacts career choice
  • An encounter with an employer, from a growing business

Need convincing? Hear what students have to say about the Founders4Schools service, and their encounters with business leaders.

What teachers achieve...

  • The use of a free service that connects students with the leaders and founders of growth companies
  • Support in delivering aspirational careers advice
  • Proven impact on the take up of those subjects which can be the most relevant for the jobs of tomorrow