The world of work is changing fast & we want the young people to be prepared for it. Many companies that will be household names in 10 years' time do not yet exist and more people than ever run their own businesses. The Careers & Enterprise Company set out to help young people unleash their best possible futures and to:
- To inspire them.
- To inform independent choice.
- To help them achieve even more.

We are delighted to report that Careers & Enterpise Company have referred 13 volunteers to us and that 4 of these volunteers have already accepted invitations from educators to meet with students.

Together Founders4Schools and Careers & Enterpise Company have facilitated 26,285 student-employer encounters, with educators having brought business leaders into contact with 14,850 students so they are better prepared for the world of work. Below you can see a map of the schools these educators are employed by.


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Enterprise Coordinators

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Enterprise Advisers

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Business Leaders

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