Barclays Bank, one of the oldest banks in the UK supports Founders4Schools' work on employability by allowing students that visit the F4S website to view their LifeSkills material, and volunteering to host training workshops or attend employability events in neighbouring schools.

Jane Galvin, Managing Director of Barclays, East Region said: "Founders4Schools is an extremely fascinating, engaging and worthwhile educational service. I am positive that our working together with F4S will make a huge difference and have a great impact in both education and business in Cambridgeshire and beyond".

We are delighted to report that Barclays have referred 7 volunteers to us and that 4 of these volunteers have already accepted invitations from educators to meet with students.

Together Founders4Schools and Barclays have facilitated 377,890 student-employer encounters, with educators having brought 1,668 business leaders into contact with 188,480 students so they are better prepared for the world of work. Below you can see a map of the schools these educators are employed by.


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