In partnership with 100 Women in Finance, Founders4Schools will deliver the
Maths4Girls programme, with a mission to inspire a generation of girls to feel more confident and to excel in mathematics. We will do this by connecting 11-14 year old girls with trailblazing female role models from finance, investment, engineering and the many other industries that use maths.

Our long term vision is that all girls will feel more confident to pursue and excel in maths fields so that eventually women are proportionally represented in what have historically been male dominated sectors.

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We are delighted to report that 100 Women in Finance have referred 289 volunteers to us and that 95 of these volunteers have already accepted invitations from educators to meet with students.

Together Founders4Schools and 100 Women in Finance have facilitated 43,120 student-employer encounters, with educators having brought business leaders into contact with 16,243 students so they are better prepared for the world of work. Below you can see a map of the schools these educators are employed by.


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