Role Model Event at Weymouth Pavilion

Wed 28 Sep 2016 | 9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.


Weymouth Pavilion

The Esplanade

Event location

Isabella Rega

Co-founder of Seed (

Isabella Rega holds a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and an Executive Master degree in Intercult... Read more

Adam Kingdon

CEO & Co-Founder
I2o Water Ltd

I am the CEO of i2O Water which I co-founded in 2005 with Andrew Burrows (now CTO) to develop in... Read more

Susan Fleet

CEO at Britest Ltd
Britest Limited

I am Chief Executive Officer of Britest Limited, a not-for-profit company formed via a unique par... Read more

About the Business Leaders

These business leaders have been chosen because their companies are growing quickly.

About the teacher and students

The event was created by Baron Miles for 300 students aged Age 11 - 15.

Event description

Ideas League

We are looking for people to mentor young people's ideas to improve the local economy and help them turn them into a reality.