Enable students to experience the work environment and culture of a company first-hand with a field trip to a workplace.

What is a Workplace Visit?

Workplace Visits enable students to visit places of work in their local area, experience the work environment and have meaningful interactions with employees.

Workplace visits are an exciting way for students to gain insight into the world of work through a school trip to feel inspired by dynamic working environments and imagine themselves in the working world.

The following format for the field trip is well-researched and proven to have impact.


Introduction to the business leader

  • Career journey

Introduction to company:

  • History of the company
  • What they do

Panel of speakers from various areas of the business

A tour of the offices

Summation, closing remarks and thanks

What is the impact of a Workplace Visit?

Workplace visits can inspire students’ exploration of career opportunities, expand their networks and open their eyes to exciting opportunities.

The Gatsby Foundation ‘Good Career Guidance’ Report states that, by the age of 16, every pupil should have had at least one experience of the workplace, in addition to any part-time jobs they may have. Research also highlights that school trips to workplaces provide a “critical understanding of the world of work and the vocational relevance of education” - Hatcher and Le Gallais 2008. Furthermore, Workplace Visits are held in high regard by pupils. The B-Live 2010 Survey of 333 teenagers for Deloitte found that 62 per cent of respondents wanted their school or college to provide more field trips to workplaces.

Finally, we know that Workplace Visits are highly regarded by educators like you! A 2017 research survey conducted by the Education and Employers’ Taskforce identified Workplace Visits as being in the Top Five Most Effective Interventions as rated by teachers.

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