Maths4Girls allows educators to invite female (and male) role models who work within maths-based sectors such as finance, computing and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) into the classroom to inspire and encourage students to take maths beyond GCSE.

We want to inspire young people to excel at maths, to raise awareness of the fantastic careers maths can offer, and debunk the myth that maths isn't for girls.

What is Maths4Girls?

Maths4Girls, in partnership with global association for finance professionals 100 Women In Finance aims to inspire and encourage girls, aged 11-14, to take maths beyond GCSE and even the gender playing field at A-levels and university.

You can invite local female role models - women from sectors such as finance, investment and other professions that use maths - to come into the classroom, to talk to students about their own journey with maths and clearly link maths in the classroom with maths in the real world. This will encourage both boys and girls to see its relevance in the world of work, in order to improve their confidence and attitudes towards maths in school.

These events typically last for an hour with up to three volunteers sharing their experiences with both male and female students.

Each volunteer should talk for approximately 10 minutes about their own journey to their amazing career and how maths played a part.

  • Speakers should be encouraged not to prepare slides rather, they are briefed to ‘speak from the heart'.
  • They may need a screen to share an example of a maths related task they do.

Q&As will follow to end the session

  • To ensure the girls get the full benefit of these encounters, in the Q&A we would like you to organise for the girls to lead with the first two questions, as this will encourage more girls to participate. Example questions could include:
    • What was your experience of maths in school?
    • Have you ever had any doubts about your maths ability?
    • Did you always know what you wanted to be when you grew up?
    • Have you ever felt a gender gap in your workplace or in your sector?
    • What has helped you feel more confident with maths?

What is the impact of Maths4Girls?

Our is aim is that this will lead more young girls into maths oriented sectors such as finance, alternative investment and STEM.

By introducing girls to a wide range of female role models, broadening their horizons and encouraging them to aim high - you will be building the confidence of girls in maths, preparing them for high impact careers in fast-growing companies and providing skills that will be relevant when they leave education.

With parental income still the biggest indicator of how well young people will do at school and how much they will earn later in life, we know that good career guidance is vital for all children and young people. Research shows that following four encounters with business leaders or professionals, the likelihood of pupils being NEET (not in education, employment or training) are reduced by 86%.

Maths4Girls offers the unique chance to give students the opportunity to ask meaningful questions to a range of different business leaders, to gain an insight into their working life and receive advice on the qualifications and skills that are needed to be successful in today’s economy.

Results from surveys in May 2019 show that 85% of teachers think that F4S student-employer encounters help students to better understand routes to different careers and 81% of teachers felt that our events helped students to connect what they are learning with the world of work.

85% of students said they’d like to have more employer encounters in the classroom.

"My own experience of working in eight different London schools and being Head of two girls’ schools over a 13-year period leads me to believe that girls can and should have more positive attitudes towards maths in single gender schools or single gender classes within mixed schools. This is because, particularly where girls are taught separately by women, research tells us they are more likely to be influenced by female role models; to take risks; to learn from mistakes and not to mind seeming to be clever." Anne Hudson - Former Head of 2 girls’ schools.

Quotes from users:

The encounter helped me to understand different options of career paths and to think about the subjects I would like to take in higher education.” 17 year old

"The event helped me to see the many different options that I had before me and allowed me to see new things that I could do or new paths I could take when I leave school.” 15 year old

Curriculum Links and Resources

Please find a range of websites that can help you make the most of your event, from videos to printable posters:

Maths Anxiety Trust


Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP)

Downloadable posters of women in STEM

Work finder

Interactive and printable resources

Growth Mindset

Get Started

We understand that your time as an educator is limited, which is why we have made our service as quick and easy as possible.

We will reach out to role models on your behalf and update you every step of the way, until the visit is completed.

Simply click the link below to search for role models in your local area and get started.

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