The Hunter Foundation

The Hunter Foundation is supporting Founders4Schools to build out across Scottish schools. As a philanthropy we believe exceptional education is the key to sustaining "opportunity for all” and this initiative could make a very meaningful contribution – please do sign up and support Scotland’s future generation!

We are delighted to report that The Hunter Foundation have referred 382 volunteers to us and that 131 of these volunteers have already accepted invitations from educators to meet with students.

Together Founders4Schools and The Hunter Foundation have facilitated 78,160 student-employer encounters, with educators having brought 404 business leaders into contact with 35,325 students so they are better prepared for the world of work. Below you can see a map of the schools these educators are employed by.


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Student Encounters per 1k Pupils, by geographic area, by Month. Shown against a measure of deprivation for pupils in each Area.

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