Senior Full-stack Developer (Come change the world) at Founders4Schools (F4S)

You are ready to be scrappy, resourceful, admit when you do not know the answer, and go and find it. You want to shake the tree, rather than look for the lowest hanging fruit.

You want to work at F4S because you realised how school was so disconnected from the real world. You believe that there is a better way to make kids excited about their future and help them enjoy and fulfilling productive lives.

You believe that schools can use technology to change what they do from the inside-out. You have exciting ideas to bring to the table to help us see things differently and do better. I look forward to working with you.

About the Role


F4S opens the eyes of young people the life chances open to them, by connecting them to thousands of professionals with inspirational stories to tell and experience to share. Teachers and professionals from across the UK have brokered over 900,000 student-employer encounters with F4S, inspiring young people, helping them understand what skills are needed to improve their employability.

Our Dev Team

You will be part of a small team of passionate developers who love to create scalable, thoughtful solutions, not band-aids. We encourage and expect our teammates to pitch big ideas and collaborate to solve complex problems.

What Our Dev Team Does

At our core, we are developing meaningful and direct connections between professionals, teachers, and young people, in particular those from more disadvantaged areas. Every sprint we work to refine those core features and principles while creating new features that help simplify, and add value to engagements.

Our platform for young people aged 6-18, the Educator Service, provides a GPS system with recommendations to guide educators and young people to search for, and request professionals to offer inspirational engagements, which open the minds of children across the UK. Like amazon and but with people rather than books or hotels...

Evolved with over five years of experience, the platform includes a recommendation engine, which guides the educator and young people to select the most appropriate professional to help them take steps along their journey to fulfilling lives.

Our second major application is our young-person-facing iOS app which offers a barrier-free path to providing access to professionals by young people. Our third and arguably most powerful service are our deep analytics services, which provide a high and low level oversight of our engagements to a variety of stakeholders from parent to government.

Life @ F4S

We are hugely ambitious for F4S and our strategy is to deepen and broaden our coverage across the UK, so it is a strategy for growth.

We are a small team based in London and Scotland. Whilst time would be spent at one of our offices, we are also open to blended home/office working. We believe that physical, and emotional well-being is directly related to cognitive performance, so we support and encourage planning your work schedule around well-being escapes. When it comes to 'work hours', it is a core belief that putting in a consistent level of effort that you and your team can be proud of is a much better metric than hours logged against the clock.

Experience & Qualifications

We don't believe there is a perfect recipe of qualifications that will ensure an excellent fit. If you like what you've read so far and the idea of joining our team excites you, then please apply. We'll list our stack below, but we are more interested in your passion for collaboration, learning, problem-solving and creating. You will need to be a self-starter able to work within a small team who are all passionate about creating great experiences for young people. Some things which may be useful:

● A degree in Computer Science or equivalent field of study/industry experience

● Commercial experience developing mobile first applications and platforms in Python

(Django) with emphasis on back-end processes

● Experience in using Git

● Experience working with open source relational databases (PostgreSQL or MySQL)

● An ability to create accurate documentation in various forms

● Experience in designing platform structures for scale and extensibility

● Significant experience in designing RESTful API for internal or external consumption

● Experience integrating web apps with third-party service APIs (RESTful and/or otherwise)

● Experience in product development and roll-out

● Contributions to open source projects

● Experience working with Docker

● Experience working with Elasticsearch

● Experience with geotools (Google Maps API, Openstreetmap and others.)

● Use of other dynamic and scripting languages such as Javascript and/or associated

frameworks (React and/or Angular)

● Experience building internationalized/multilingual websites and applications

● Experience utilising agile methodologies

● Experience of managing small teams

What we can offer you

Competitive salary;

Annual Leave of 20 days plus public holidays;

Learning and Development opportunities;

A morning off on your birthday;

Flexible working;

Time to be off with your family and friends over the break at Christmas;

Discounts at a number of retailers.

In submitting an application to, you should include:

A comprehensive Curriculum Vitae giving details of relevant achievements in

recent posts; and a brief covering letter that summarizes your interest in this post.

Please provide evidence of your ability to meet the criteria outlined above.

The closing date for applications is Friday 30th August.

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