Communication and Relationship Manager

You are ready to be scrappy, resourceful, admit when you do not know the answer, and go and find it. You want to shake the tree, rather than look for the lowest hanging fruit.

You want to work at F4S because you realised how school was so disconnected from the real world. You believe that there is a better way to make kids excited about their future and help them enjoy and fulfilling productive lives.

You believe that schools can use technology to change what they do from the inside-out. You have exciting ideas to bring to the table to help us see things differently and do better. I look forward to working with you.

About the Role


Part time role - Three day week for 10 months

You are already used to leading communication with governmental departments and other highly influential stakeholders.

You thrive when your communication allows the organisation to collaborate and influence others to drive a common goal forward.

You pride yourself on being eloquent and able to adjust your communication style to the party you deal with.

You want to work at F4S because you believe that there is a better way to make students excited about their future and help them enjoy fulfilling productive lives.

If you have the skills to effectively involve and maintain relationships with key influencers to help F4S develop and deliver powerful programs to support our mission, then I look forward to working with you.

Job Description

What Is F4S?

F4S opens the eyes of young people to the life chances available by connecting them to thousands of professionals with inspirational stories to tell and experience to share.

Teachers and professionals from across the UK have brokered over 1,200,000 student- employer encounters with F4S, inspiring young people, helping them to understand what skills are needed to improve their employability.

At our core, we are developing meaningful and direct connections between professionals, teachers, and young people, in particular those from more disadvantaged areas.

Our platform for young people aged 6-18, the Educator Service, provides a GPS system with recommendations to guide educators and young people to search for, and request professionals to offer inspirational engagements, which open the minds of children across the UK. Like Amazon and but with people rather than books or hotels...

Evolved with over five years of experience, the platform includes a recommendation engine, which guides the educator and young people to select the most appropriate professional to help them take steps along their journey to fulfilling lives.

Arguably our most powerful service is our deep analytics service, which provides a high and low level oversight of our engagements to a variety of stakeholders from parent to government.

Life @ F4S

We are hugely ambitious for F4S and our strategy is to deepen and broaden our coverage across the UK, so it is a strategy for growth.

We are a small home based team delivering in England and Scotland. Whilst you work from home, regular team meetings will be organised.

We believe that physical, and emotional well-being is directly related to cognitive performance, so we support and encourage planning your work schedule around well-being escapes. When it comes to 'work hours', it is a core belief that putting in a consistent level of effort that you can be proud of is a much better metric than hours logged against the clock.

Maths4Girls – the project

You will be part of a small project team, delivering one of our largest and most prestigious projects. Maths4Girls is an initiative funded by 100 women in finance, set out to encourage more girls to continue with Maths beyond GCSEs. To ensure that the project delivers at a high standard we have involved stakeholders from, government, academia, education and the industry to ensure that our deliverables are meeting the quality and need and to get their endorsement. After a successful pilot, we are now rolling this. Project out across England.

Your Role

We are engaging with senior stakeholders and are eager to develop and maintain our relationships, supporting us to deliver and fund the Maths4Girls initiative over the years to come.

You will engage, co-ordinate and drive stakeholders on all levels across different industries. You will ensure that stakeholder opinions are consolidated and embedded into the project delivery, where appropriate.

You will liaise with the Department of Education to ensure that the programme meets their expectations.

Organising and conducting stakeholder calls and focus groups on a regular basis will be core to your role.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities

  • Lead F4S relationships for M4Gs with a portfolio of government departments, academic and industry and establish and maintain F4S as a trusted delivery partner. Ensure these departments understand how M4Gs can support delivery of their objectives.
  • Build a thorough understanding of the objectives and workings of these stakeholders along with a strong network of contacts. Identify opportunities for activity to support government and stakeholder objectives.
  • Influence policy makers and regulators to routinely consider our programme as a tool to deliver their policy objectives.
  • Manage relationships, including at a senior level, to establish F4S and yourself as a credible, knowledgeable and ‘go to’ source of information on standardization.
  • Establish F4S as a thought leader and contributor to the policy development process.
  • Prepare responses to consultations.
  • Understand the needs of F4S’ stakeholders and build partnerships in areas of mutual interest.


  • Experience of working either within government or managing senior-level relationships across government.
  • Strong understanding of public policy and the policy-making process.
  • Ability to build strategic partnerships.
  • Proven ability to identify opportunities and influence outcomes.
  • Keen understanding of political, societal and technological trends within the education sector.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to explain complex topics in a straight-forward way.
  • Proven track record of devising and leading senior-level engagement activities.
  • Tenacity to take ownership of issues, to galvanise support within F4S and to communicate F4S’ key messages to target audiences.
  • Proactive and flexible approach, ability to prioritise and meet deadlines.
  • Understanding of the role of standards (desirable).

Our Excellence Behaviours: Customer Focus, Accountability, Respect, Communication, Achievement & Leading and Managing others in your passion for collaboration, learning, problem-solving and creating. You will need to be a self-starter able to work within a small team who are all passionate about creating great experiences for young people.

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